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Owen McAuley

New Work

22 February - 7 April, 2007


Lake Placid, NY, 2006
Oil on Linen
8 x 24 inches

d berman gallery is pleased to present new paintings and drawings by Owen McAuley. He says: “My paintings are explorations of the contemporary landscape, particularly the stranger aspects of our world at night. I attempt to convey the mixed feelings inspired by situations where abject banality collides with the dramatic or sublime. One central concern is the transformative nature of artificial light; what is mundane and forgettable by day becomes a network of shifting realities, each defined by its color and intensity of light. I hope in these paintings to create a psychological presence that parallels the intense feelings of wonder or dread that the places portrayed can inspire in reality.” Mr. McAuley received his MFA from The University of Texas at Austin in 2003 and currently maintains his studio in New York.

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