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George Krause & Elizabeth White
"The Elizabeth Portraits" and Other Works
May 31-July 14, 2007
Gallery Talk · Saturday, June 2 · 1:00 pm


George Krause
My Feet, 2007
Archival Ink Jet Print
Elizabeth White
Opening, 2006
Linoleum Block Print

Alfred Stieglitz had Georgia O’Keefe, Pierre Bonnard had Marthe, and Picasso had, well…. a myriad of muses. Internationally acclaimed photographer George Krause has created a new series of photographs featuring his inspiration and ladylove, Elizabeth. The “Elizabeth Portraits” is a multi-faceted portrait series intended to be a visual record and examination of the love, passion, tranquility and playfulness of their relationship and domestic life. Elizabeth White has responded with her own series of detailed linoleum block prints which illustrate both the intimate and public elements of their relationship. Ms. White is a recent graduate of the creative writing program at Texas State University. As a writer, Ms. White’s strongly narrative work complements Mr. Krause’s purely visual approach.


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