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May 12 – June 18, 2005


Cynthia Camlin

Ann Matlock

d berman gallery is pleased to present new work by Cynthia Camlin and Ann Matlock. Both artists use organic motifs in stylized, patterned formats, and a luminous and rich tonal range is an important element in the work of both artists. Camlin’s cool, fresh paintings provide a harmonious balance to Matlock’s warm, textural weavings. Of her new body of work, Cynthia Camlin says, “Turning to landscapes of glaciers and icebergs, my most recent paintings depict multifaceted crystalline formations on panels and three-dimensional cubes. Each composition is built through the incremental accumulation of small geometric shapes of transparent color, which add up to spatial trajectories and recessions, opening up windows into the white gesso. For me, the incremental and unpredictable process of constructing these compositions becomes a metaphor for organically growing forms in nature, where erratic, unprecedented forms emerge from finite and predictable elements.”
Ann Matlock’s graceful weavings also explore natural forms, light and color. She works with silk yarns that she dyes and spins herself, and creates the design using both tapestry and brocade weaves. Matlock takes her inspiration from botanical imagery and textiles, and her treatment of color is subtle and complex. She says, “Color is the most personal element in a weaving, and its effect is as close to the sub-liminal impact of a musical phrase as anything in visual art.”

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