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d berman gallery is proud to celebrate its ninth anniversary this month. Come visit us.

Leslie Mutchler and Naomi Schlinke
26 February - 11 April 2009
Opening Reception: Thursday, 26 February from 6-8 pm
Gallery Talk: 21 March at 1 pm

Leslie Mutchler
Untitled (Manufactured Utopia II: High Density Housing), 2008
Digital print on Somerset paper
60 x 80 inches
Naomi Schlinke
Screen Play, 2008
India Ink on Claybord
24 x 48 inches

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Preview Lance Letscher's new monograph,
published by the University of Texas Press

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A book signing will take place during the evening of Friday 24 April.

For our ninth anniversary, d berman gallery is pleased to present new work
by two Texas women artists exploring the intersection of contrast.

Leslie Mutchler investigates consumer desire and organization through digital drawing and collage. Using catalogue imagery, she creates a “hybrid-form of organization that speaks about the many tastes and design influences surrounding our consumer culture.” The repetition, warping, and stretching of these ready-made forms into landscapes and architecture creates the joining of contrasts. “I am designing hybrid storage systems – modular pieces that grow in response to collection, yet strive to minimize such expansion. This dichotomy is significant in my work: an ever-growing accumulation versus a sincere want for containment and minimization of such.” Ms. Mutchler is an assistant professor in the University of Texas’s studio art department. She earned her BFA in printmaking at Kent State University, and MFA in printmaking from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

Naomi Schlinke’s use of ink on clay board explores the sensuous and contemplative qualities of the media. “My work celebrates the flux of living form and the patterns that underpin reality … Momentary and unique in the way that process-based art can be, these are images of ‘formation in progress’, equally legible at the micro or macro levels…. Some aspects of an image can be found in a flash; others reveal themselves slowly and methodically.” Each painting is a result of both the intentional and unanticipated allowing endless imaginative possibilities. Previously a modern dancer, choreographer, and teacher in San Francisco with a BA and MA in dance from University of Wisconsin, Ms. Schlinke now lives and works in Austin as a professional artist.

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