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b e l o w t h e s u r f a c e : a d i f f e r e n t o r d e r

Jeffrey Dell & Marjorie Moore

13 July - 19 August

Preview Moore's Work
Marjorie Moore
Monkey Drum (Detail) (Group Three) 2006
Graphite and oil on boxes and canvas

Preview Dell's Work
Jeffrey Dell, 2006
Unique screen print (Detail)


d berman gallery is pleased to present “Below the Surface: A Different Order” with new work by Jeffrey Dell and Marjorie Moore.
Jeffrey Dell's small, vivid explorations in the silkscreening process reveal their layered history through pinpricks and thick furrows of ink. In the realm of printmaking, it is conventionally blasphemous to crease or otherwise manipulate the paper itself, but in these works, Mr. Dell does just that in order to emphasize and expose the slow, beautiful genesis of each work. The resulting creations are not pictorial compositions on a pristine page, but rather landscapes of pigment. Mr. Dell is an associate professor of art and design at Texas State University.
Marjorie Moore’s paintings and drawings will be displayed within an installation of her collections of quasi-scientific objects, toys, and other curiosities. She says, “I expand the accepted realm of taxonomies to include the scientific, the plaything, the detritus of decay, and the strange.” The installation will be essentially one part wonder cabinet, one part nature museum, one part science classroom, and one part art gallery. Ms. Moore teaches at the Art School of the Austin Museum of Art.


Moore and Dell Explore Under the Surface

Marjorie Moore and Jeffrey Dell team up at d berman this month in Below the Surface: A Different Order.

Moore's part is an installation of her paintings and drawings as well personal collections of quasi-scientific items and "curiosities." She references the wonder cabinet or Kunstkabinett meaning a cabinet of curiosities. These cabinets and their contents, date to the 17th century, emphasize the exceptional, the rare, and the marvelous, and often blur lines between fact and fiction because they included both scientific specimens and suspicious mythical creatures.

Dell's contributions to this exhibit are screen prints that focus on the fundamental processes of printmaking. Creases and furrows of ink reflect the rough beginnings of work, rather than the illusionistic results of sophisticated technical manipulation, sometimes tied to silkscreen production.


Preview Dell's Work

Preview Moore's Work

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