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Winter Group Show
Featuring works by: Cynthia Camlin, Sara Frantz, Jennifer Maestre,
Leslie Mutchler, Raychael Stine, Steve Wiman, and Sydney Yeager.

17 December - 6 February
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d berman gallery’s winter show, Chill, will feature luminous watercolors of melting icebergs by Cynthia Camlin; delicate drawings by Sara Frantz linking the grandiose landscapes of Iceland and West Texas; Jennifer Maestre’s undulating pencil sculptures inspired by sea urchins; Leslie Mutchler’s sculptural works merging utopian aspirations with the wild inclinations of nature; Raychael Stine’s buoyant and realistic dogs romping through worlds of abstraction; Steve Wiman’s gracefully edited installations using the world’s flotsam; and Sydney Yeager’s tumultuous paintings which capture moments of instability and a dissolution of order.

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Congratulations to Beili Liu for winning the Austin Visual Arts Association's
inaugural Visual Art Award for 3-D Artist of the Year!!

here to see images from Beili Liu's show at d berman gallery

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