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March 31 – May 7, 2005

Black + White:

Robert Dale Anderson, Jeffrey Dell,
Frank X. Tolbert 2, Randy Twaddle

d berman gallery ironically welcomes spring with “Black & White”, an exhibition of monochromatic works on paper by four Texas artists: Robert Dale Anderson, Jeffrey Dell, Frank X. Tolbert², and Randy Twaddle.

Robert Dale Anderson’s intricate graphite lines coil and unwind to reveal the dreamlike and sometimes nightmarish fantastical worlds of his imagining. In his intimate drawings, mysterious cave-like environments and contorted creatures meld into chaotic scenes.

Jeffrey Dell embraces and revels in the infinite nuances of gray. In his prints and drawings, he explores the nature of light and shadow as much as the more tangible world of form and line.

In the expressively charged works of Frank X. Tolbert², delicate leaf veins pulse with life and gentle lilies take on a raucous vitality. Tolbert’s drawings have an impulsive sense of urgency that is immediate and energetic.

Randy Twaddle’s rich, velvety drawings juxtapose ribbons of crisp text against fields of smoky, floating air. The texts themselves are ordinary, recognizable phrases made unfamiliar through inversion. Because we can now see these phrases anew, we can reconsider what they may mean.


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